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Rhonda's Creative Circle

Hey Guys!! If you have stumbled across this page then you are interested in becoming a part of an awesome group! First, let me tell you all about what you have the chance to be apart of!

Subscription options:
IMPORTANT: Once you have signed up, come on over to our private Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/2009575759320744/<-- (press here) and answer the 3 questions and we will get you approved and added! Please allow up to 24 hours to be approved!

What you will be receiving from this monthly wreath making group:

1. Hands on training from me. I will have one main tutorial each month that I will share with you all. For this particular tutorial I will have kits for you to purchase from our store. These kits will include mesh, work form, ribbon, any cut lettering(if needed) for the project. Any other items used will be from local craft stores (signs, picks, etc).

2. I will do lives just for you all! Going into great detail about all I have learned and being able to answer all your questions you have to ask.

3. I will be teaching you how to make different wreath making techniques, swag, garlands, centerpieces and more!! Teach you how to perfect your craft!

4. You will be able to learn so much from me! I will tell you ALL my secrets to being a great and successful wreath maker!

5. I will have surprise guests to teach you even more!

6. Discounts, discounts, did I say discounts? (Learn more once you join!)

As y’all know, I LOVE to teach and I hope you will join me! I will open up the sign up next Friday November 24!!! The following week we will get to know each other and get the supplies we need and we will get started making our 1st wreath of the month Dec. 1st!

Alright guys, see ya soon,


If you decide this is not the right group for you (we hope hit never happens), You can unsubscribe here: